Our Story

Your friendly Nairobi Pest Control company.

At cleanen its our job to protect others, and we make it our first priority.
Crawling pests are not just an inconvenience or a source of terror for those who can’t stand the sight of them. They carry germs and disease and this is also compounded by endemic pandemics such as Covid 19 and Monkey pox. This terrifies you, your customers, your kids, and your treasured belongings.

We make it our business to forestall infestation, through prevention.
Cleanen believes that when you prevent you are protecting. Our year-round solutions are affordable for pre-planned pest control visits.

Talk to us to for:

Pest control for homes
Pest Control for businesses
Urgent treatments
Out of hours emergencies

If you are concerned about the smell or safety of chemical spray treatments, we can also discuss a range of options so you are comfortable with a pest control system that works